FULLSENSATIONS, partner of the French Speed Ski Team

FULLSENSATIONS , partner of the French Speed Ski Team Well done to our champions, we’re proud of your performances The World Championships have just finished in Vars. There was a lot of waiting to be done because of capricious weather, wind and poor visibility. The world record was not broken this year. But our athletes were up to the challenge. Cléa Martinez became vice world champion (222.23 km/h) Maelle Loridon 8th (207.72km/h) Simon Billy became world champion (231.43 km/h) Bastien Montes 6th (227.58 km/h) Ugo Portal 14th (222.79 km/h) Tom Martinez 17th (218.87 km/h) Hugo Viale 19th (217.37 km/h) Lucas Fourquet 22nd (214.79 km/h) Clea, you rock! Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

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